What if you only had to care for one patient?

Vitamin C makes patient communication simple.


Vitamin C is for the healthcare provider tired of sending faxes, playing phone tag with insurance companies, and missing patients. Our web-based platform allows for simple communication between patient and caregiver.

Give your patients more than a stack of papers.

Create a Tracktion

Give your patients comfort outside of the clinic. Create a "trackable action" and set them to be completed once at a certain time or daily, weekly, or monthly.

Use a Careplan

Group multiple tracktions into a careplan. You can create your own set of careplans or use one of evidence-based, premade careplans.

Track Your Progress

Encourage your patients on their progress and engage them when they need it.

Never play phone tag again.

HIPAA-compliant messaging to reach your patients when they want, on their terms.

One on One

Leave a HIPAA-compliant and secure message through Vitamin C. The recipient will be notified by email that they have a message waiting!

Group Messaging

New article on diabetes? Message all of your diabetic patients with a single click and start the conversation!

File uploads

Never have to fax again. Our secure vault will allow you to share and store important files; health information, signed documents, or pictures of progress!

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